A pint of wizardry

A sprightly helles/pilsner lager. This perfectly balanced potion is brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, a centuries-old German mandate concerning the pureness of ingredients. 
No added sugar. 4,6% ABV
*Seasonal product*
Our jólabjór (yule beer) has a dark power, owing its potency to the pure licorice root used in its brewing. 
A German dunkel lager, medium dark, amber coloured. 
No added sugar. 5,1% ABV
In bringing forth this classic lager our master brewer uses his tried and tested sorcery in a calm and confident manner. A German Märzen; slowly brewed lager, amber coloured. No added sugar. 5% ABV

The Wizards Trinity

A limited edition gift box containing one bottle of each of our beers. This is the perfect present for any beer enthusiast.

Mild, but tasty

Galdr is a light lager, perfect for those moments when you just want a relaxing, smooth experience. Perfect for any occasion.

Give your taste buds a treat!

Galdur is the newest brewery in a diverse array of beer producers in Iceland.
Galdur stands out in many ways, amongst others for being community-owned. Galdur is a collaboration between entrepreneurs, local residents and companies in Hólmavík.
In addition, the production is considered to be surrounded by powerful witchcraft, as Strandir is known for stories of wizards.
Our beer contains only the cleanest ingredients that nature has to offer. In addition, the mineral-rich water of Strandir gives our beers a unique and distinctive flavor.