Mynd af ægishjálmi


The viking rune Ægishjálmur (also known as the "helm of awe") is one of the most iconic symbols from ancient Norse mythology. It is believed to have been a powerful talisman, used for protection and magical power, and was originally forged by Odin himself. Throughout the centuries, this iconic symbol has been influential in folklore, literature, and modern art and pop-culture.


The Viking rune Draumstafir is a mysterious symbol inscribed on various monuments throughout Scandinavia and other Northern European regions dating back to the Viking Age.
If you carve these symbols into white leather or silver and place them under your head while you sleep during summer solstice, Your dreams will come true.
Mynd af draumstöfum
Mynd af rotaskrossi


The Vikings have a rich and storied culture, and they have left behind powerful symbols of their traditions and beliefs in their runes. One of the more significant of these symbols is the Rune Rotaskross, a powerful symbol of protection and guidance.